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Find the outbound IP addresses used by Azure App Services

By Liam Moat.

When making an outbound network call from Azure App Services it can be useful to know your application’s outbound IP addresses. Usually, you will use this information to configure the firewalls of external services to allow requests from your application. In Azure, your application’s outbound IP addresses are fixed. This post explains where to find your application’s IP addresses using the portal, the Resource Explorer, Powershell and the Azure CLI.

Azure App Services - Ping with Kudu

By Liam Moat.

Working with Azure App Services often involves an element of networking. A straight forward example could include making a request to an internet routable web service. You might be using a Hybrid Connection to access an on-premise resource. A more complex scenario could involve a Virtual Network and Azure’s ExpressRoute. If any of these sound familiar, you will probably have wanted to try and ping your target endpoint.