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Azure App Services - Ping with Kudu October, 2016

Working with Azure App Services often involves an element of networking. A straight forward example could include making a request to an internet routable web service. You might be using a Hybrid Connection to access an on-premise resource. A more complex scenario could involve a Virtual Network and Azure’s ExpressRoute. If any of these sound familiar, you will probably have wanted to try and ping your target endpoint.

Bitbucket Pipelines and Unit Testing .NET Core July, 2016

Atlassian recently announced continuous delivery inside Bitbucket with Pipelines - build, test and deploy from Bitbucket. Shortly after Microsoft announced the release of .NET Core 1.0. Pipelines can build Node, Ruby, Python, PHP and anything else you can run in a Docker image - including .NET Core. Take a look how to use Pipelines to not only build a .NET Core project, but test it as well!

Backbone.js and Bluebird June, 2016

In this blog post I will explain how Backbone.js models can be extended to return an A+ Promise, rather than jQuery’s jqXHR object.

Resourceful API Design June, 2016

Creating an API that’s design is readable, sustainable and scalable can be challenging. This short blog post looks at creating a developer friendly, informative and resource centric API design.

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