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Liam Moat

Premier Field Engineer.


Bitbucket Pipelines and Unit Testing .NET Core July, 2016

Atlassian recently announced continuous delivery inside Bitbucket with Pipelines - build, test and deploy from Bitbucket. Shortly after Microsoft announced the release of .NET Core 1.0. Pipelines can build Node, Ruby, Python, PHP and anything else you can run in a Docker image - including .NET Core. Take a look how to use Pipelines to not only build a .NET Core project, but test it as well!

Backbone.js and Bluebird June, 2016

In this blog post I will explain how Backbone.js models can be extended to return an A+ Promise, rather than jQuery’s jqXHR object.

Resourceful API Design June, 2016

Creating an API that’s design is readable, sustainable and scalable can be challenging. This short blog post looks at creating a developer friendly, informative and resource centric API design.

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